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Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM) is the notion that older and less volatile data is important but less critical to a company.  Since we believe that the cost of protecting data should be proportionate to the value of that data, we provide our customers the ability to move their older data to a less expensive backup platform.

ATEGO BLM uses a set of rules you define to automatically move your older data to lower cost storage.  This frees up capacity on your DS-System backups and saves you money.

Our BLM storage infrastructure uses high capacity SATA disks to save costs. Currently, this data is backed up nightly in our datacenter to separate hardware, but soon it will also be replicated to our secondary datacenter.

Effective use of the BLM capability of ATEGO can save you a considerable amount in monthly fees. Storage capacity on the BLM is priced much lower than the capacity on the DS-System.  You should ask us how we can lower the total cost of your data protection by employing a sensible BLM strategy.


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