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Agentless Backup – it’s not magic

ATEGO Cloud Backup uses a unique architecture that allows your source servers and desktops to be backed up without installing any kind of software agent on them. Instead of a software agent, the solution uses a component called the ATEGO DS-Client. This is a free piece of software that we install on a virtual machine, server or workstation in your LAN, which in turn accesses the source servers and desktops to be backed up.

The advantage of this architecture is that the ATEGO DS-Client does all the work of calculating the changed blocks, de-duplicating the files, compressing and encrypting the data, and managing the backup schedule without stealing any CPU cycles from your production machines. The ATEGO DS-Client can also keep a local copy of your backup data, so when you want to restore lost data, it can be done at LAN speed.

ATEGO How it Works

Where does the data get sent?

The deduplicated, compressed, and encrypted, changed blocks of data are sent to the ATEGO DS-System according to the schedule you choose. For example, for Senior Managers, you may turn on Continuous Data Protection (CDP) so their desktops are protected all day long. For your application servers, you may decide that once per day is best.

Your data is first sent to our ATEGO DS-System in our primary datacenter in Singapore, where it is stored on RAID5 disks. A second copy is then replicated to another DS-System at our secondary datacenter in Singapore. The two datacenters are in different parts of the island to satisfy the local best practice of having your DR site at least 10km away from your production site.

The ATEGO DS-System uses a true multi-tenant shared storage infrastructure so many customers will have their data backed up on the system. But, of course, one customer cannot see or read another customer’s data. Furthermore, all the backup data is encrypted using each customer’s private AES encryption key. Not even we can read your data. This is fundamentally different from some other services that encrypt the stored data with a single common encryption key.

If you would like to get deep into the technical of how it works, contact us right now. We love to brag about how efficient and secure our system is.

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