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End- to-end Dedicated Protection

Running a business demands wide-ranging responsibilities to deal with everyday which normally take substantial amount of attention and time. However, doing backups of your important files shouldn’t be one of them. A remarkable backup software minimizes, if not eliminates, time spent on management so you can focus on other crucial tasks.

That is the technology behind ATEGO Lite which lets you experience ease of use, total security and continuous real-time data protection whether you’re working on your office desktop computer or presenting important facts and figures on your laptop to client at a nearby coffee shop – as long as you are connected to the internet. Scheduled backup operation runs fully automated in the background and leaves your active applications uninterrupted.

Your data are secured before and after transmission using 448-bit Blowfish encryption – a hack-proof security that is way tougher than 128-bit encryption and has never been broken. As each user can choose their own private key, you are assured that we can never read your data.

Engineered for Desktops, Notebooks and Laptops

ATEGO Lite is specially engineered for laptops, which tells you that it is designed to function at the highest efficiency level to use less memory, save CPU power and I/O performance of the machine being backed up. Most users can also quickly restore files through our straightforward interface that no longer require IT involvement.

ATEGO Lite provides a management console for real-time monitoring or creating company-wide changes on policies, alerts, upgrades and other factors to ensure data integrity. Ask us for a no-obligation demo.

ATEGO Lite Backup

Subscription Pricing

You can subscribe to as little as 1GB and eventually acquire multiple terabytes of backup data as your company expands. Start now with a one-time minimal setup fee and an affordable monthly charge based on the number of machines and data size you need to back up. Contact us for more details and to get a comprehensive quote within your budget.

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