Cost Effective
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Cost savings come from a few areas. Not the least important source is the reduced time that the IT staff need to spend managing the backup process. It also comes from the reduced hassle to restore lost data.

Since there is no software agent to install you can back up an unlimited number of servers, desktops, and laptops. You only pay for the total capacity of protected data you subscribe to.

The real power of the cloud is the shared infrastructure provided by service providers like us. We’ve made the upfront investment in servers and large scale storage so that you don’t have to. Because we are a true multi-tenant system, and not just a remote hosting service of backup appliances, we can spread the backend infrastructure cost across all our users. The savings accrue to you through lower monthly fees and higher redundancy and reliability. You don’t have to make any upfront investment in hardware, software, and tapes can also be avoided.

ATEGO Cost Effective

Customers in Singapore can also benefit from the PIC grant offered by the government. Cloud services such as ours which increase your productivity by offloading much of the hassle of backup are eligible for funding. As much as 60% of the cost can be claimed starting in 2012, so contact us now and let’s start planning how to make you more productive. Use our web enquiry form.

Hidden Savings

You may already be doing some kind of backup such as DIY backup to portable hard disk or backing up to a tape drive and bringing the tapes home with you. The problem is that these processes are highly manual and are highly prone to human error. For example, with tapes you have to start the backup, rotate tapes, verify the backup, catalogue the tapes, clean tape heads, transport off-site, and keep the backups secure. You can’t remove the chance of human error that results in some backups being missed, some over-written, some un-restorable, some lost, and some damaged. The ATEGO Cloud Backup automates the entire process to greatly reduce the risk of human error. Fill in the web enquiry form and ask for a free trial of ATEGO right now.

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