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1. Is ATEGO a mature solution?

ATEGO is the most established cloud backup solution in South East Asia having started in 2009. The underlying technology platform that is used for the Cloud Backup service has been around for over 20 years and is now in version 12 of the software.  The platform has won numerous awards and is used internationally by large and small enterprises to back up petabytes of data.

 2. Will ATEGO be around for years to come to back up my data?

Pantropic has been around since 1999 and plans to be around for many more years. Our business model is successful and we enjoy a good reputation in the industry.  In the highly unlikely event Pantropic was forced to discontinue the ATEGO service, we would return all the backup data to their respective owners. The backup data could still be read by your ATEGO DS-CLIENT software. If you wished to continue doing remote backups, you could purchase the enterprise edition of the backup platform and run your own private remote backup.


1. How secure is my backup?

When ATEGO backs up your data, only the data blocks that have changed since the last backup are sent to the off-site backup system.  This means it would be extremely difficult for anyone intercepting the data to reassemble a complete file. Furthermore, all data is encrypted using the a US Government FIPS certified AES encryption module before it is sent to our system.  That means your data is encrypted while on the fly and while at rest in our storage infrastructure.  Only you know the encryption key.  We cannot decrypt your data nor read it.

2. How secure is your storage infrastructure?

Our primary and secondary ATEGO DS-System storage infrastructures are hosted in reputable commercial datacenter in Singapore. That means the datacenters have redundant power, redundant cooling, redundant network infrastructure, physical security, raised flooring, fire suppression, water detection, and 24×7 network monitoring. Our servers themselves are in locked IT equipment racks.  The network is double fire-walled using hardware and software firewalls.


1. How do I know my data can be recovered from your system?

There will always be multiple copies of your backed up data to ensure your data isn’t lost.  First of all, most customers elect to use the Local Storage option, which keeps at least one copy of your backup data on your local ATEGO DS-Client machine. Secondly, an off-site copy is stored on our storage infrastructure using RAID5 or RAID6 disks. For our ATEGO Cloud Backup customers, another copy is replicated to our redundant storage infrastructure hosted at our secondary datacenter. For our ATEGO BLM and ATEGO Lite customers, daily local backups are taken to a separate physical NAS.

The ATEGO Cloud Backup system also does autonomic healing to try detect and correct corrupted backup files.  Customers can also receive email notification of the status of their backup completions. If you are still not convinced your backup is successful, customers can schedule a ‘restorability validation’ job to completely reassemble, decompress, and decrypt a file and check its digital signature against the original. This should provide 100% peace of mind that the data is backed up properly.

2. What is your uptime guarantee?

Our Service Level Agreement states that we will guarantee you 99.9% planned uptime. Our SLA also describes our compensation to you should we fail to meet our uptime target.

Service Support

1. What service support do you offer?

Our standard service support is 8×5 during Singapore working hours, excluding statutory holidays and weekends. Customers are entitled to free email and phone support from our technical team. 24×7 Premium Support is also available at an additional charge.

2. What notifications and reports do I get?

The system can automatically send you notifications of the completion status of your daily backups. We will also send you a notification of when you are approaching the limit of your subscribed capacity.  We will also send you a monthly report of your storage volumes.  You, the customer, can generate numerous performance reports using the reporting tools found on the ATEGO DS-Client. Our ATEGO Cloud Backup managed service customers will also get notification from us if we detect that your backup jobs are not completing properly.

3. Do you provide training?

As part of the standard package, we provide all customers with a half day of administrator training.  If you require a more in depth understanding of the software, we can schedule more advanced training for you.

4. Who installs the system?

As part of our standard package, our engineers will install and configure up to two ATEGO DS-Clients for you (Windows or Linux).  They will also set up 2 backup sets for you per DS-Client and perform 1 initial backup to a portable disk for quick population of the DS-System.  Our training will teach you how to configure more backup sets if you need.  If you really need us to help you do more, then our support team can schedule time with you.

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