Flexible and Scalable
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A big benefit of the ATEGO Cloud Backup is that we can use your existing broadband Internet connection to transport your data to a secure off-site datacenter. With ATEGO, you don’t need to buy expensive dedicated connections like some of the other services require. Many of our Singapore customers use inexpensive NGNBN internet lines.

There’s also no need to buy any backup appliance from us. You can install our free DS-Client backup software on a virtual machine. Some of our smaller customers even install it on the file server being backed up. If you are backing up a large amount of data, then you can use a standalone workstation or server of your choosing. If you are backing up a huge amount of data, you can even setup a DS-Client grid architecture to allow for load balancing and failover of the backup job.

For customers that want to host the whole infrastructure themselves in a private cloud, we facilitate this through the use of our ATEGO Private-Hybrid service.

Flexible and Scalable Backup


You can start with subscribing to as little as 5GB of capacity and grow to multiple terabytes if you need. The architecture of the ATEGO platform allows us to easily expand the capacity as our customers require.

You can also backup multiple remote offices to our Singapore datacenter. This kind of Remote Office Back Office (ROBO) backup is very popular because it allows your company’s centralized IT staff to control and monitor the backups of remote locations which may not have IT staff onsite.

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