High Security
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Secure Software

We take the security of your data seriously. Firstly, your daily backups will only be the incremental blocks of data that have changed since the last backup, so even if someone could intercept your data, it would be near impossible to assemble a complete file. Second, and more importantly, all your data is encrypted using a NIST FIPS certified AES256 encryption module. That means your data is encrypted while on the fly during backup, and while at rest on our storage infrastructure.

Only you have the encryption key. We do not keep a copy of your key and cannot read your data. The only exception is if the customer specifically wishes us to keep an encrypted electronic copy of the key using the Key Management feature of the software. If you are considering some other backup service, ask them who has the encryption key to the data they store

Secure Network

Our network environment is double firewalled using software and appliance based firewalls. Our routers have anti-DOS capability. In the upcoming upgrade of our backend, we will have improved appliance based Intrusion Prevention and anti-virus capability. Of course, all applications servers are password protected and include anti-virus software. We also employ system monitoring software to alert us to any problems with the system.

High Security Backup

Secure Facility

Our primary and secondary ATEGO DS-System storage infrastructures are hosted in reputable commercial datacenter in Singapore. That means the datacenters have redundant power, redundant cooling, redundant network infrastructure, physical security, raised flooring, fire suppression, water detection, and 24×7 network monitoring. Our servers themselves are in locked IT equipment racks.

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