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Application Hardware

We employ a N+1 architecture for our application servers. This means multiple ATEGO DS-Systems load balance and failover for each other. This is done to ensure the speedy backup and recovery of your data. It also greatly improves the reliability of the system as a whole. This is one of the big advantages of a true cloud backup solution as compared to other services that dedicate one box to you. Using this architecture also facilitates periodic system maintenance as it can be done on a node by node basis.

ATEGO Infrastructure

Storage Hardware

Our storage infrastructure is enterprise class and only employs enterprise grade disks. Data is stored in RAID5 or RAID6 disks depending on the class of service you use. We also do monitoring and performance testing of our storage to help ensure we can meet the expectations of our customers for backup and recovery times. As our customer base grows and the number of TB’s of data we protect climbs, we continually look to expand and upgrade our backend storage. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for news of major upgrades.

WAN Connection

We employ two different service providers to connect our primary backend to the Internet. This is done to ensure minimal impact of downtime by any one service provider. If the ATEGO DS-Client sitting in your server room cannot connect to our DS-System because one of our WAN links is down, it will automatically switch to the second WAN link.

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