Managed Service
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We are more than just SaaS. As a managed service, we are here to reduce the burden of one of the most tedious, yet important, tasks an IT Manager faces.

From start to finish, our engineers will help you prepare, install, and configure the system to back up your data on the schedule you require. We’ll also help you define your retention rules on how long you want to keep your backed up data. After we’ve tested that everything’s working, the system runs automatically backing up your data every night, or continuously all day long. Automated notifications can be sent to you via email if there is a problem with the backup process.

The ATEGO Cloud Backup service includes a written Service Level Agreement (SLA) that specifies our 99.9% service uptime guarantee and the compensation due customers if we fail to meet that requirement.

ATEGO Cloud Backup Managed Services

Our SLA also describes our commitment to monitor your backup jobs and alert you if your data is not being backed up properly. Our technical staff will then guide you in how to resolve any backup issues.

A managed backup service frees you to do more productive work – it’s that simple. For more information on our SLA, send us a message using our Enquiry Form.

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