Backup Tips
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Tip #1

You can back up your desktop, laptop and mobile devices over the internet using your existing ADSL, SDSL, leased line or MPLS. This means that wherever you are, as long as you are connected to the internet, your backup runs in the background automatically. We store your backup data in RAID 5 disks in a secure primary data center and as an added assurance, replicate it to a secondary data center both located in Singapore to ensure that your backup jobs will not be disrupted in the event of failure at our primary site. With the fact that our data centers are stationed locally, this allows us to provide our support to our customers as needs arise.

Tip #2

Since ATEGO Cloud Backup is defined as a subscription service, the Singapore PIC grant covers 60% of the cost of a cloud service up to $100,000 for cash claim and/or 400% for tax claim of both eligible local and foreign companies. Essentially, your payout will turn out to be much less when you subcribe to a managed service like ATEGO Cloud Backup.

Tip #3

With the use of an award-winning technology to backup your data and the first in the industry to achieve U.S. government first level of FIPS 140-2 Certification, we are providing you the highest level of security with AES 256 encryption in flight and at rest. We will provide you with your own private encryption key to completely eliminate your worries of your data being read by unauthorized entities.

Tip #4

Choosing a fully automated cloud based backup will increase your IT staff productivity and allow them to perform other necessary functions as part of their job. You minimize tasks to manage and chance of human error. This will boost productivity within your IT team without having to raise labor cost.

Tip #5

Our Private-Hybrid solution allows you to build a ‘private’ cloud backup infra and provides you the license to setup and install the entire backup platform within your WAN giving you full control and security over your critical files.

Tip #6

As a known IT disaster recovery and data protection specialist in Singapore, we maintain our commitment to our clients and continously strive to improve our key service offerings. To prove that we are serious about protecting our business for the best interest of our stakeholders, we have taken a step to achieve ISO 22301 certification – the new global standard for business continuity. Allow us to help you start with your business continuity plan.

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